Welcome to the Midwest Ringer blog extravaganza

This is the inaugural post of the Midwest Ringer blog.

My goal is to inform and entertain  with a virtual blitzkrieg of my own humble opinions on everything from sport and news to music, literature and whatever catches my eye.

What better topic to start the blog with than the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher’s abysmal performance last Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium against Division 1AA South Dakota?

The Common Man Dan Cole said it best with this gem:  How many batteries does it take to light up the Gophers?….Just one double A!

Let me preface this rant by saying the last and only time South Dakota beat the Gophers was in 1912…the year the Titanic sank.

This is the latest embarrassing chapter in Gopher football history.  The fact is no Division 1 team, especially one in as storied a division as the Big 10 should ever lose to a team like South Dakota.  They should be steamrolling teams like this and leaving them in their dust.  No one is expecting this to be the year the Gophers finally return to glory and make the long awaited trip back to Pasadena, all we ask is that it be possible to wear the maroon and gold in public without experiencing feelings of shame akin to the ones Detroit Lions fans do.

But don’t worry, Gopher fans, coach Tim Brewster feels your pain.

About Bob Ringer

I am a 21-year-old journalist and student at Minnesota State University, Mankato,born and raised in the shadow of the Twin Cities, in the suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota.
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