Online Journalism: The Star Tribune

The Star Tribune’s website is vast. With a seemingly endless amount of articles, videos, pictures and blogs, the Star Tribune’s website is able to cover news in a way the traditional print edition cannot.

Though seems to take some articles directly from the print edition as well as from news services like the Associated Press, much of the site’s content  has been manufactured specifically for internet publication.  One advantage of using the internet for journalism is that there is not a set amount of space that may be utilized.  In the print edition, the staff of the Star Tribune is limited by having to fit each story in the space left over after advertisements are taken into account.  I’d have to imagine this is not always an easy thing to accomplish, causing editors to cut information that could have made a news story better.  The unlimited space of a website allows the paper to gives their audience everything a story has to offer., like most online journalism sites, uses video and audio clips as well as still photographs to give their audience a more complete experience.  Easily found on the site’s main page, a multimedia section allows visitors to find a number of video, audio and photographs without having to search within the site.  One interesting aspect of site’s multimedia is how much of it is original material, not generated through convergence with another media outlet. 

Though, I have visited the site many time in the past, I was surprised to see that all the video game directly from the Star Tribune and was not borrowed from a television station like WCCO or KSTP

I was also impressed by how the site links most of its articles to related video or audio.  The website features links to a  number of blogs as well as its own social networking sites such as and

In my opinion, the Star Tribune has done a great job of evolving with the times and using the internet as a tool to reach a wide audience in new and different ways.

About Bob Ringer

I am a 21-year-old journalist and student at Minnesota State University, Mankato,born and raised in the shadow of the Twin Cities, in the suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota.
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3 Responses to Online Journalism: The Star Tribune

  1. Jake Bohrod says:

    You mention the STrib’s use of a multimedia page, where all of its online content can be easily managed and distributed. This seems to be the norm with many news organization’s sites (that are coming from print, that is). I think we tend to take this fact for granted these days; that is, digitization has produced a whole new section to our favorite publications: it has made reporting better.

    These pages are handy for Internet use, but I can think of two kinds of problems that coincide: 1) The multimedia page is useless if it can’t be found on a site, and, 2) It separates and segregates the elements of the site. The first is self-explanatory: multimedia needs to be clearly represented on a news site, on par with the top stories and visible on the home page. The Tribune’s seems on par with most news site in this regard–scroll down a few clicks and there’s a little section of videos that can lead you to its own page. The second worry speaks to print organizations’ want/tendency to build a fence inbetween traditional and multimedia content. The two need to be integrated, entwined; they should complement one another. This is the sign of a good news site.

    Check out the New York Times’ multimedia page and see how it compares to the STrib’s:

  2. Cheryl says:

    I grew up reading the Tribune every morning before it merged with the afternoon paper, the Star. It has been the major printed news source in Minnesota. It’s great to see it continue and adapt to a new media.

  3. Gluten Free Beer Fever says:

    Another Ringer classic. I agree the star tribune has done a great job incorporating different types of media into its online site… keep up the good journalism bob!

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