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Poynter News University: Language of the Image

After completing the Poynter News University course, Language of the Image, I have a new found appreciation for the power of images to tell a story.  The lesson was essentially an interactive vocabulary lesson.  It taught me about all the different aspects … Continue reading

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My Google Map

Tonight I used Google’s Mapmaker to create a map with landmarks of my hometown, Bloomington, Minnesota. The map shows places that are important to the citizens of Bloomington, as well as places I enjoy to go in my free time. … Continue reading

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Managing Your Time in a Hectic World

Living in the 21st century is fast paced to say the least.  We in an era that is arguably the most hectic and demanding time in human history.  In simpler times most people only had to worry about finding food … Continue reading

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The Creepy Future of Online Journalism: EPIC 2015

My entire generation and I grew up with the internet.  We have seen it change  and morph and evolve in ways few people could have ever imagined.  There is no doubt that changes will come in the future that will … Continue reading

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